Malaysia delivery site


Recently, our company sells a group of fertilizer production equipment in Malaysia. These fertilizer production equipment has been installed and debugged before you leave the factory, which ensures the normal operation of fertilizer production equipment. Please rest assured, we will send technicians of organic fertilizer machine to the customer's site to carry out technical training of organic fertilizer machine, installation and debugging of organic fertilizer machine, until fertilizer production line can operate normally.
Malaysia delivery site

Our company promises:
Pre sales services:
1. Selection of equipment model
2. Design and manufacture products according to customers' special requirements
3. Train technicians for customers.
4. The company arranges engineering technicians to the user's site for free to plan the site for the user and design more reasonable processes and schemes.
Service in sale:
1. Product acceptance
2. Assist the client to draw up the construction plan
After-sale service:
1. Free assignment of professional after-sales service personnel, arrived at the site to guide the customer installation and commissioning.
2. Train operators on site.
3. After the installation of the complete set of equipment, technical personnel shall be left to assist the customer in field production for free until the customer is satisfied.
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