Sell hot air stove to Nigeria


Our salesmen deliver our products to customers through service. Recently, through the continuous communication and negotiation between our company's excellent sales personnel and customers, the hot air stove has been sold to Nigerian customers.

Our company has received orders from Nigerian customers and customized the specifications of the hot blast stove for customers through the production process of one link and one link.

In the process of production, our company adopts transparent production mode, and understands the production process of machinery through online communication between our sales personnel and customers.

At the time of delivery, in order to ensure that the organic fertilizer machine will not be damaged in the transportation process, we use containers and internal fixation to avoid mechanical friction.

Sell hot air stove to Nigeria
Product introduction
In the drying process and wet granulation production process, the hot air stove is a necessary related equipment, which provides the necessary heat source for the dryer system. This series of gas oil hot blast stove features high temperature, low pressure, precise temperature control and high heat utilization rate. The structure is compact, saving the floor area of the hot blast stove; the tail of the large hot blast stove is equipped with air preheater to improve the efficiency of the hot blast stove; the convection heating surface adopts high and reasonable flue gas flow rate on the basis of rigorous calculation to ensure the full heat exchange of the stove body and the high thermal efficiency of the hot air stove.

Sell hot air stove to Nigeria

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