Causes of low efficiency of double roller granulator


Extrusion granulation process is a very common technology at present, but if the operation is not careful or there are other influencing factors, there will be various extrusion problems. Today, Tianci heavy industry will tell you about the influencing factors of the extrusion effect of the double roller granulator.

Causes of low efficiency of double roller granulator
1. The material selection of press roller is not good and the type selection is unreasonable. The pressure roller is the core part of the whole equipment, and the material requirements are very high. It is not only necessary to ensure enough hardness and strength, but also to have good toughness, so as to adapt to the wing deformation under high pressure and avoid the fracture of the pressure roller. In addition, due to the particularity of the working environment, the roller also needs to have strong corrosion resistance to slow down the corrosion of fertilizer under high temperature and high pressure.

2. The accuracy of processing equipment is not enough and the error is large. There are two precision problems of roll skin and roll shaft (for example, the hole depth, hole spacing and pass type on the roller skin have different errors, which leads to the failure of the contact of roll section). In the working environment of high temperature and high pressure, these errors will be magnified in the form of several times or even dozens of times, which directly leads to a series of problems such as low strength of particles, low yield and low roundness of particles.

3. The stability of the reducer is insufficient and the matching type is not suitable. Most pair double roller granulators are equipped with single shaft output reducer. No strict working environment test, torque mismatch. In the process of working, a pair of rollers are active and passive, which easily leads to equipment vibration and noise.
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