Cow dung organic fertilizer granulator purchase skills


The role of organic fertilizer granulator in organic fertilizer production line is very important, how to choose organic fertilizer granulator? What are the buying skills? It is a problem for fertilizer manufacturers to process commercial organic fertilizers, and it is also an urgent need for large-scale cultivation and breeding enterprises to invest in organic fertilizer processing equipment. Tianci Heavy Industry is a 20-year history of organic fertilizer development and manufacturing in granulators, constantly improving the process, adapting to the market and environmental protection requirements. Experts in the development of Tianci organic fertilizer granulators are all for you.
In the process of purchasing granulators, whether it is to buy compound fertilizer equipment or organic fertilizer granulator, we will have such confusion, go to the terminal sales market, the company is scattered, do not know which one to choose. These devices are not like the goods in the supermarket, they can display all the freedom to choose. If you go online, the company website has limited display, there is no real product, and the introduction of some plagiarism equipment is basically the same, considering the trade secrets, on the website. Shown are some of the contrasting things that make it difficult for customers to choose. Today, Xiaobian introduces us to some simple rules for purchasing equipment.
1. First of all, it is necessary to see whether the production capacity of the organic fertilizer granulator matches the actual demand of the company. This is the root. Usually marked on the equipment label. The standard production capacity should be slightly larger than the actual production capacity required.
2. The function should be combined. It can be used in both compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer. Of course, depending on the material, there are different types, but it has a common function.
3. The power consumption, the more energy saving, the better the material power of the crusher is different. How to save electricity for the company is also an evaluation index.
4. What is the level of dust in the granulator?
5. Organic fertilizer commercial water content.
6. The degree of promise of organic fertilizer granulator manufacturers.
7. On-site inspection of the manufacturer's qualifications, production capacity, and see the production of the prototype.
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