General knowledge of biofertilizer project in production


Biofertilizer project is a production process of using organic fertilizer machine to process microbial organic fertilizer, which is slightly different from other fertilizer production processes, and its purpose is to protect microbial bacteria in the fertilizer production process can be well preserved. Now I'd like to introduce to you the precautions in the production of bio organic fertilizer.

Regulation technology in biofertilizer project:
Temperature, moisture and C / N are the main environmental factors that affect the fermentation of bio organic fertilizer. In the industrial fermentation, through human control, promote the rapid fermentation.

1. temperature
Temperature is an important indicator to show the activity of microorganisms in fermentation, and appropriate temperature can ensure the fermentation process to work well

2. Moisture
Water content is an indispensable factor in the production of bio organic fertilizer. In the fermentation process, the high and low water content of the material will affect the microbial activity, so water regulation should be carried out before fermentation. The water content is generally 30% - 70% according to different conditions.
General knowledge of biofertilizer project in production
3. Carbon nitrogen ratio
The ratio of carbon to nitrogen is an important nutritional condition for microbial activities. Generally, the suitable C / N for microbial reproduction is 20-30. The average C / N of pig manure was 14, and that of chicken manure was 8. Pure manure is not conducive to fermentation, so it needs to be mixed with materials with high C / N ratio for regulation. The suitable amount of the mixed materials is 14% - 15% for straw, 3% - 5% for sawdust, 12% - 14% for dregs and 5% - 10% for peat. Corn husk, cottonseed husk and corn straw are all good admixtures, generally the addition amount is 15% - 20%.

Notes on bio organic fertilizer:

1. Preservation of fungicide: the temperature is 4-20 degrees, sealed and kept away from direct sunlight; if there is a small amount of white floating matter (bacterial film) on the liquid surface or a small amount of yellow and white precipitation on the bottom, it is normal, and it can be used after shaking.

2. It is better to use well water, clean ditch or river water for composting.

3. Microbial fertilizer is generally not mixed with antibiotics and chemical bactericides.
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