Is organic fertilizer production line important in agricultural production?


The organic fertilizer production line is a device for mass production of bio-organic fertilizers, which play a very important role in the development of agriculture. The organic fertilizer production line will produce crop waste and aquaculture waste, such as straw, corn cob, distiller's grains, and chicken manure, pig manure and other livestock. Waste containing organic matter such as feces is fermented to produce organic fertilizer containing a large amount of microbial strains. The microbial strains in the finished organic fertilizer can improve the soil structure, increase the organic matter content of the soil, and use chemical fertilizers and compound fertilizers, which can greatly increase the crop yield. The organic fertilizer production line not only solves the environmental pollution caused by the storage of agricultural aquaculture waste, but also improves the soil structure and increases crop yield. Recycling resources play a very important role in the sustainable development of agriculture.
The organic fertilizer production line air-drying device has only one single air outlet, and the air outlet is large, which causes the air volume to be inconsistent. At the same time, the wind direction is fixed from the top to the bottom. There are two problems in the device: First, the air outlet is large, the mind is not concentrated, which leads to organic residual moisture on the fertilizer production line cannot be completely dried. Second, the wind direction of the former air dryer is blown from top to bottom, causing the surface moisture of the organic fertilizer production line to be dried, and the lower surface has residual and cannot be dried. Causes of moisture to remain.
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