Industrial production process of organic fertilizer production equipment


The manure of livestock and poultry is rich in nutrients. Organic fertilizer production equipment is conducive to the recycling of these nutrients in agricultural waste. At this time, the fecal dehydrator can be used to reduce the water content before fermentation. In the biological production process of the fertilizer production line, the organic fertilizer production equipment can be configured according to the output to complete the industrial production process of organic fertilizer. Now we will introduce the industrial production process of organic fertilizer production equipment to you.

Industrial production process of organic fertilizer production equipment:
Composting is still one of the effective methods to deal with various organic wastes. It is a kind of biological fermentation method that integrates the treatment and recovery of resources. The collected feces were mixed with organic fertilizer starter to adjust the carbon nitrogen ratio in feces and control the appropriate fermentation humidity, temperature and pH value. The advantage of this method is that the product has less smell, is dry, is easy to package and use, and is conducive to the growth and development of crops.

The compost products were further screened, and the residue was treated according to the water content. The screened matter is produced by the fertilizer granulator, and then the granular organic fertilizer is sent to the drying and cooling machine for drying and cooling, so as to increase the strength of the granular organic fertilizer and ensure that it will not be damaged during transportation and storage. After that, coating is carried out, various additives are added according to the proportion, and then the finished product is made after mixing, sub packed and put into storage for sale.

The technological process of the whole organic fertilizer production equipment specifically includes physical dehydration of fresh crop straw → crushing of dry raw materials → screening → mixing → composting and fermentation → water control → screening of organic fertilizer → fertilizer granulator → drying → cooling → packaging → warehousing.

Livestock and poultry manure is rich in organic matter and nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and is a valuable resource for sustainable agricultural development. For thousands of years, farmers have used it as the main source of soil fertility. In the production of organic fertilizer production equipment, the compost method has been used to produce farm manure in the past. In the development of agriculture today, people have studied the technology of livestock manure, and realized the production of ordinary organic fertilizer, organic inorganic fertilizer and biological organic fertilizer through organic fertilizer production equipment.
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