What general knowledge do you need to know when maintaining organic fertilizer production equipment?


We all know that no matter what equipment needs to be manually maintained. It will create more revenue for the company. Especially for environmentally friendly organic fertilizer plants, because these devices are used in the processing of organic fertilizers and the disposal of manure in farms. But we all know that livestock manure is a resource with the ability to pollute and corrode, so we all need to properly maintain the organic fertilizer production equipment in order to better extend the service life of the equipment.
Graphic: A complete set of organic fertilizer production line equipment, suitable for processing various raw material organic fertilizers
3th organic fertilizer disc granulator production line
Regardless of any equipment maintenance, you need to know the relevant knowledge to be able to properly maintain the equipment. The knowledge you need to know before maintenance of organic fertilizer equipment includes the following aspects:
1) First of all, we need to pay attention to the parts that are easily rusted or easily damaged in the organic fertilizer production equipment, especially the more expensive parts, such as magneto, motor, cutter, seed tube, opener , conveyor belts, transmission chains, etc., these parts should be removed and stored indoors, and separated by machine type to prevent mutual deformation and deformation or damage.
2) Secondly, the dirt and debris outside the machine should be removed in time. Clean and lubricate all bearings, and apply friction surfaces such as plow walls, disc targets, rotary tiller blades, openers, etc. with paint, black oil, waste engine oil and other anti-corrosion agents.
3) Finally, when we park the organic fertilizer equipment in the open air, we need to leave the walking wheel, harvesting table, etc. off the ground to ensure that it is not in contact with the soil. Especially for those parts that are prone to deformation. They should be leveled or erected to eliminate the factors that cause deformation. Springs should be relaxed.
The above content is the conventional knowledge that needs to be understood when maintaining organic fertilizer production equipment, and hopes to help the majority of friends.
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