Organic fertilizer production line equipment process requirements


Process configuration is one of the factors considered by many customers when looking at organic fertilizer production equipment. Because a reasonable process configuration can achieve smooth and smooth work, the cost of maintenance can be reduced. In the process configuration, it is related to the type of organic fertilizer production equipment, the composition of organic fertilizer raw materials, and the like.
The raw material of organic fertilizer is feces or sludge, and the equipment is arranged according to requirements. If it is to do organic fertilizer powder, then the configuration of organic fertilizer needs to be dehydrated, dried, fermented, crushed, stirred, granulated, cooled, packaged and so on.
Organic fertilizer production line equipment
The process configuration of the simple organic fertilizer equipment for the organic fertilizer columnar particles is a new high-nitrogen organic fertilizer granulator, which is granulated and then stored in a bag for half an hour after being manually dried. If it is necessary to make spherical pellets of organic fertilizer, the basic process configuration of the organic fertilizer equipment is dehydration, drying, fermentation, crushing, stirring, granulating, rolling, cooling, sieving, packaging, that is, grinding the pressed columnar particles. Polished into pellets and then cooled and sieved to enter the packaging process. There is also a horizontal centrifugal high-efficiency organic fertilizer drum granulator that is directly rolled and formed by stirring, sieved by air drying or drying, and then packaged.
Other raw material components of organic fertilizer equipment are equipped with reasonable organic fertilizer equipment in combination with actual materials combined with manure or sludge organic fertilizer raw materials, and then necessary treatment according to water content and fineness to suit the formation of organic fertilizer pellets and normal play. For the purpose of fertilizer efficiency.
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