The advantage of using organic fertilizer


Organic fertilizer is also called "farm fertilizer".All the fertilizer including the organic material calld organic fertilizer.The feature of the organic fertilizer including the wide source ,exploting the long and the species diversity.Different fertilizer  granulator machine can be used to producing different organic fertilizer.According to the different raw material for producing organic fertilizer are classified to Animal waste ,animal manure ,agricultural wastes,industrial waste muncipal sludge ,fish extract,etc.We are professional making machine of fertilizer granulator.The fertilize production Including the complete  fertilizer granulator line .What's more, we always supply the best severices.

The reason why we use the organic fertilizer :
Orchard application of unripe organic fertilizer six hazards: Immature manure oftern causes root burning,soil disease and inspect pests ,and release a large number of toxic gases,resulting in soil hpoxia,nutrient loss,slow fertilizer effect :
Firstly,Cause root burning and seeding burning 
Poultry and animal feces to the orchard,not fermentation due to incomplete fermentation,can produce the phenomenon of ‘secondary fermentation’,when fermentation conditions have been met in the activity of microorganism,manure fermentation,when close fermentation parts from the root or crop plant is small,the heat generated by the fermentation will affect crop growth,serious can cause plant death.
Secondly,Threats of pests and disease
Feces contain coliforms,nematodes and other bacterial and pests.Direct use of feces will lead to the spread of dieases and insect pests,the diseases of crops,and the heath of people who eat agrical products will be affected.Unripe organic matter in the soil fermentation,easy to breed bacteria and pests,leading to plant disease and insect pests.Citrus fruit files,for example,are associated with the application of manure.
Thired,Produce toxic gas hazard
In the process of decomposition,unripe feces produce methane,ammonia and other harmful gases,which cause soil acid damage and damage to the root system of fruit tress.
Fourth,Oxygen deprivation in the soil
In the process of decomposition,unripe feces will consume oxygen in the soil,making the soil temporarily in the state of hypoxia,which will inhibit the growth of fruit trees.
Fifth,Loss of mass nutrients
In the process of traditional composting,because of natural decomposition,wind and rain,nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and other nutrient waste loss is very serious,the general utilization rate only 50%.
Sixth,The fertilizer effect is obviously slow
The nutrients in unfemented organic fertilizers are mostly in organic state or slow effect state,which cannot be directly absorbed and utilized by crops.Only when decomposed into quick effect state can they be absorbed and utilized by crops.Therefore,the direct application of unleavened fertilizer will slow down the effect.
This shows,raw feces or not ripe animal excrement and urine cannot be applied directly into orchard,can bring serious harm to fruit tree otherwise,hope everebody must notice when using muck fertilizer
What's more we also need to know that we can use the machine of fermention compost turning machine  to help improving the oxygen supply in aerobic fermentation compost and improving the shape of materials 

 Recomend production line
npk fertilizer production line   flat die granulator production line    complination granulation line 
 We have all kinds of machines to produce fertilizer granulator,we will find the right  fertilizer granulator equipment for you.We can supply the best solution for your question.Now send inquire for us 

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