Production line of powdery fertilizer with pig manure


Using pig manure as raw material for organic fertilizer production, it is relatively simple to make powdery organic fertilizer production line. Organic fertilizer production equipment mainly consists of five parts: organic fertilizer trough compost turning machine, forklift, quantitative feeder, semi wet material crusher and screening machine. Equipment and equipment need to be connected by belt conveyor to form a complete fertilizer production line.
1. There is a belt conveyor above the semi wet material crusher, which links and sieves most of the raw materials.
2. A belt on the screen connects the fermentation material.
3. A conveyor belt under the screening machine links the screened finished materials, which will be sent to the processing site for weighing and packing.
4. The warehouse needs a belt conveyor for loading.
Production line of powdery fertilizer with pig manure
A set of organic fertilizer production equipment is not a fixed equipment as we imagine, but it needs to be determined according to the site and materials. For example, the moisture content of chicken manure is relatively large, so the moisture must be reduced during fermentation, and corn cob broken by straw can be added. Otherwise, it can not be made into granules, and sheep manure is relatively dry. It is not necessary to add straw to control the moisture during fermentation After granulation, the process is different, and the equipment used is also different.
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