What are the soil testing formula fertilization techniques?


Soil testing formula fertilization technology includes five core links and nine key contents of “measurement of soil, formula, fertilizer, supply and fertilization”.
Field trials.
The field experiment is the fundamental way to obtain suitable fertilization amount, fertilization period and fertilization method for various crops, and also the basic link for screening and verifying soil nutrient testing technology and establishing fertilization index system. Through field trials, master the optimal fertilization amount of different crops in each fertilization unit, the ratio of base and top dressing, fertilization period and fertilization method; find out the basic parameters such as soil nutrient correction coefficient, soil fertilization amount, crop fertilizer requirement and fertilizer utilization rate; Construct a crop fertilization model to provide a basis for fertilization zones and fertilizer formulations.

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Soil testing.
Soil testing is one of the important basis for formulating fertilizer formulation. With the continuous adjustment of China's planting structure, high-yield crop varieties continue to emerge, the structure and quantity of fertilization have undergone great changes, and soil nutrient pools have also undergone significant changes. Through the soil nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and medium and trace element nutrient tests, the soil fertility capacity can be understood.
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