The necessary compost windrow turner for sheep manure organic fertilizer fermentation


Sheep dung contains a lot of organic substances, such as protein, organic acid, cellulose, fat, etc. compared with other animals, it has a higher fat content. However, fresh sheep dung is easy to get hot and easy to produce plant diseases and insect pests when applied to the ground. It can only be used after fermentation, ripening and piling up. And the sheep manure composting and fermentation compost turner machine plays an important role in this.

Introduction to the composter of sheep manure:
It is very suitable for microbial fermentation of fresh manure of cattle, horse, sheep, pig, chicken and other livestock and poultry, sludge of sewage plant and municipal solid waste to form fertilizer mechanism and process requirements. It can effectively mix manure of livestock and poultry, sludge, microbial agent and straw powder.

Characteristics of sheep manure compost windrow turner:
Sheep manure compost has the advantages of balanced turning power, low energy consumption and large output, which reduces the production cost of bio organic fertilizer. The design has reasonable overall structure, safe and reliable performance, easy operation, strong applicability to the site, and convenient use and maintenance. The fermentation cycle is short, the site is saved, and the quality of deep processing (especially granulation) is high.
The necessary compost windrow turner for sheep manure organic fertilizer fermentation
Technology of sheep manure compost turner machine:
The fermentation steps of sheep manure are as follows:
1. Mix the starter. 1 ton of sheep manure plus 1 pack (200 grams) of starter, each pack of starter adds 5-10 kg of rice bran or corn or bran, stir well and sprinkle it into the prepared sheep manure. The effect is the best.

2. Adjust the carbon nitrogen ratio. The C / N ratio of fermented sheep manure should be kept at 25-30:1, and the pH value should be adjusted to 6-8 (PH). Because the C / N ratio of sheep manure is high, some straw, straw, mushroom residue should be added to the fermentation.

3. Adjust the moisture content of sheep manure. In the process of fermenting organic fertilizer, it is very important whether the moisture content is suitable or not. It should not be too high or too low. It should be kept at 50-60. The judgment method is to grasp a handful of materials tightly, see the watermark on the finger seam but not drop water, and fall to the ground and spread.

4. Build a pile of sheep manure. It can not be too small or too short when making sheep manure fermentation pile, which will affect the fermentation. Generally, the pile with height of about 1.5m, width of about 3M and length of more than 50-80m has better fermentation effect.

5. Mix well and ventilate. The fermentation agent of sheep manure organic fertilizer is a kind of aerobic microorganism, so the oxygen supply measures should be increased in the fermentation process, and it is better to mix evenly, turn frequently and ventilate, otherwise the anaerobic fermentation will affect the fermentation effect of materials.

6. Fermentation complete. Generally, 48 hours after the accumulation of sheep dung, the temperature will rise to 50-60 ℃, and the third day can reach above 65 ℃. In this high temperature, it will turn over once. In general, there will be 2-3 times of high temperature above 65 ℃ in the fermentation process. Turning over 2-3 times can complete the fermentation. Normally, the fermentation can be completed in a week or so, so that the materials can be deodorized, fermented and rotten completely, sterilized and insecticidal.
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