The Process of Making Organic Fertilizer by Composting Duck Manure


In the fertilizer production line, the process of making duck manure fermentation compost to make organic fertilizer

1. To solve the problem of high humidity in duck dung, the water content of duck dung must be reduced first. The use of organic fertilizer production equipment (manure dehydrator) alone is expensive, technically difficult, and has a small processing capacity. So by adding wheat stalks, corn stalks, straw, rice husk powder, peanut rice powder, furfural dregs, bean cake, oily dry, etc., some auxiliary materials with very low water content.

On the one hand, it can reduce the water content of duck dung, on the other hand, it can also increase the organic matter content after fermentation and composting. In the fertilizer production line, straw, shell bran, cakes, dross and other materials are crushed using a fertilizer crusher. After the crushing is uniform, the straw and other auxiliary materials and duck excrement are pressed at 3: 1 (high moisture content) or 1 : 1 (low moisture content) is mixed and fermentation starts.

2. During the fermentation process of the fertilizer production line, the pile should be turned over continuously to promote the oxygen to enter the inside of the pile body, prevent the air from flowing poorly, and generate ammonia gas, thereby generating a large amount of unpleasant odor. Therefore, you can insert a few thermometers on the fermentation pile to observe and measure the temperature of duck manure compost at any time. When the temperature of the duck manure fermentation reactor rises to above 50 ℃, the Tianci Heavy Industry Trough compost turning machine will be used for the tossing treatment, and the stacking will be performed once every 2-3 days to ensure that the temperature of the stack does not exceed 60 ℃.

3. Trough compost turning machine tossing compost

When the temperature of the compost slowly decreases and stays between 30-40 ° C, it indicates that the fermentation stage has begun to enter the late decomposition stage. At this time, stop turning the pile and wait for the self-decomposition of the fermentation material. This stage takes about 7-10 days. After fermentation and decay, if there is agglomeration, you can use the previous drip crusher to crush it again to improve the appearance quality of the powdered organic fertilizer. It is also a simple and quick method to reduce the hardness of duck dung agglomeration.

Organic manure from duck manure in the duck farm is about 10-15 days, which is shorter than traditional farm manure. The fermentation period is shorter and the degree of maturity is higher. The fermentation period will not seriously affect the surrounding environment. At the same time, it requires less investment and lower cost than manure treatment equipment. 
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