Trough fermentation process of cow manure organic fertilizer


The output of cow manure organic fertilizer is relatively large, it is recommended that the trough aerobic fermentation treatment of cow manure is more convenient for the cow manure fertilizer production line. Let me introduce you to the trough fermentation of cow manure organic fertilizer.

1. The temperature of cow manure in fermentation trough will rise to 60-80 ℃ for 2 days, which will kill bacteria and kill insects.

2. In the fourth day of the fermentation tank, eliminate the odor; then on the seventh day, the material in the trough will become loose, dry, and covered with white hyphae.

Trough fermentation process of cow manure organic fertilizer
3. Fermentation in the tank until the ninth day, the ninth will exude a fragrance, which is basically the same as distiller's yeast.

4. When the tank is fermented to the tenth day, the materials will be fermented and fully cooked.

5. It represents the end of the fermentation stage. After drying it later, the powdered cow manure organic fertilizer is produced. If the cow manure organic fertilizer wants to be made into granules, use a forklift to remove the material for the granulation process of organic fertilizer. 

Granulation technology of cow manure organic fertilizer

1. In the period of cow dung fermentation, the material was crushed by a crusher, so that the particle size requirements after crushing could meet the requirements of later fertilizer granulator production.

Trough fermentation process of cow manure organic fertilizer

2. Use forklift truck to put manure organic fertilizer into the mixing mixer. Before mixing and mixing, according to the formula, add N, P, K and other trace elements into the mixing mixer to start mixing.

3. The mixed materials are transported to the fertilizer granulator, and the granulated materials are sent to the cooler after drying. The materials are sieved at room temperature. The particles that meet the requirements enter the coating machine and are packaged after coating. The particles that do not meet the requirements return to the granulation system and continue granulation.

4. The final qualified granules are packed automatically.
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