What is the difference between powdery and granular organic fertilizers


According to the product status, the production lines of organic fertilizer production equipment are divided into powder organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer. There are differences in the process of the two production lines of organic fertilizer, resulting in different process equipment. The difference of technology is exactly the inclusion relation. The process of granular organic fertilizer production line includes the process of powdery organic fertilizer production line. Then, as for the processing technology of the whole organic fertilizer production line, the process is composed of ① fermentation system, ② drying system, ③ deodorization and dust removal system, ④ crushing system, ⑤ batching system, ⑥ mixing system, ⑦ granulation system, ⑧ drying system, ⑨ screening system, ⑩ transportation and finished product packaging system. In addition to granulation and coating process, other processes of powdery fertilizer are similar.

Organic fertilizer production equipment for powdered and granular organic fertilizer

Since the production process of powdery fertilizer in the organic fertilizer production line is a part of the production process of granular organic fertilizer, the process of granular organic fertilizer production line is described in detail. Thus, for the investigation of the purchase of customers to elaborate.

What kind of fertilizer production line technology and equipment customers choose, the investment and production cost they need, and the benefits are different. Therefore, how to choose a reasonable process configuration is an important factor to effectively reduce the cost of the equipment.

As the technological part of the granular organic fertilizer production line, the main technological means of the powdered organic fertilizer production line are as follows: the raw materials of organic fertilizer, such as animal manure or domestic garbage, sludge, distiller's grains, biogas residue, etc., can be fermented, decomposed, crushed and mixed for packaging. The basic process configuration of organic fertilizer production equipment is dehydration, drying, fermentation, grinding, mixing and packaging. In this way, the processing of powdered organic fertilizer is completed.

Compared with the simple technology of powdery fertilizer, granular organic fertilizer needs further processing. The equipment configuration of the basic process of the granular organic fertilizer production line is the dehydrator, fermentation compost turning machine, crusher, mixer, fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, packaging machine, which can be packaged, stored or sold later. 
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