Energy saving npk fertilizer production line


With the progress of the social era, people have realized the importance of the environment, and the call for energy conservation and emission reduction is very hot. Our company is also transforming step by step, and manufacturing environmental fertilizer equipment. Our company has 20 years of production experience in fertilizer equipment, and has certain integrity and reputation among domestic fertilizer machinery manufacturers. Welcome new and old customers to come Consultation. Here I would like to introduce an energy-saving NPK fertilizer production line with high production efficiency.

This NPK fertilizer production line includes: batching system, rotary drum granulator, drum dryer, drum cooler, primary screening machine, drum cooler, secondary screening machine, coating machine and packaging machine.

This NPK fertilizer production line perfectly solves the problem of low production efficiency. It adopts the way of secondary screening to improve the output of fertilizer particles as much as possible. At the same time, this NPK fertilizer production line ensures the strength of fertilizer particles. The function of the coating machine is to prevent the influence of fertilizer moisture during transportation or storage.
Energy saving npk fertilizer production line
Our company promises:
Pre sales services:
1. Selection of equipment model
2. Design and manufacture products according to customers' special requirements
3. Train technicians for customers.
4. The company arranges engineering technicians to the user's site for free to plan the site for the user and design more reasonable processes and schemes.
Service in sale:
1. Product acceptance
2. Assist the client to draw up the construction plan
After-sale service:
1. Free assignment of professional after-sales service personnel, arrived at the site to guide the customer installation and commissioning.
2. Train operators on site.
3. After the installation of the complete set of equipment, technical personnel shall be left to assist the customer in field production for free until the customer is satisfied.
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