Process for producing powdery organic fertilizer from cow manure


To produce organic fertilizer with cow manure, first dry or drain the cow manure to keep its water content below 85%, then add straw powder, the ratio of cow manure and straw powder (auxiliary material) is 7:3, the carbon ratio of raw material (cow manure) auxiliary material (straw powder) is 23-28, and the water content is 52% - 68%.
Process for producing powdery organic fertilizer from cow manure

It only needs these steps to produce powdered organic fertilizer from cow manure:
1. The cow manure and cow urine are collected to make compost, which can be fermented naturally. In the fermentation process, the full fermentation is carried out by means of the windrow turner or artificial way, and the fermentation can be better only if it is timely and even.
2. The fermented cow manure can be put into the forklift bin to clean up the large amount of impurities.
3. In the transportation to the screening machine, the fermented materials are screened, and the bulk materials are passed through the horizontal mixer of the belt conveyor.
4. The horizontal crusher then pulverizes the large raw materials to form the powdered organic fertilizer, and finally packs and stores them in the warehouse.

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