Advantages of drum granulator production technology


The drum granulator uses low-humidity agglomeration granulation to increase the granulation temperature to increase the amount of liquid in the basic material, which promotes the material to form pellets at a lower water content. It has the advantages of easy drying, energy saving, and consumption reduction.
drum granulator
The drum granulator adopts a unique design: the material particles can directly collide with each other. With a wide range of applications and no special requirements for materials, it is widely used in large-scale organic fertilizer production lines and npk compound fertilizer production lines. In addition, it can directly produce organic fertilizer to eliminate the need for pre-drying and crushing. Spherical particles of particles. High granulation rate, drum organic fertilizer has a good appearance.

The granulation process of the drum granulator increases the temperature and viscosity of the material through the use of steam, so that the water content of the material can be reduced during the pelletizing process, thereby reducing the drying load, and the liquid phase distribution of steam is comparable to that of water Evenly. Only when the liquid phase of the material is insufficient and the material is unstable, add water as a supplementary means. During the production process, we have encountered improper installation of steam nozzles and uneven distribution of the liquid phase of the material, causing the material where there is more liquid phase to stick into large balls, and where the liquid phase is insufficient, the material is difficult to ball, which affects the formation of particles. In view of this situation, we can increase the steam nozzle to increase the steam receiving area of ​​the material.
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