An indispensable chain crusher in fertilizer production


In the purchase of organic fertilizer machine, chain crusher is an essential equipment. It can not only be applied to the grinding of fermentation materials, but also to the grinding of large particles after the granulation of fertilizer. It is really multi-purpose at one stroke to speed up the production efficiency of fertilizer.
Choosing organic fertilizer machine is not expensive, cheap, only selected, right, this is the purpose of every user, and the purpose of Zhengzhou Tianci heavy industry is to provide every user with excellent, durable and energy-saving mechanical products, so that every user can spend less money, walk a short way, and buy it.
An indispensable chain crusher in fertilizer production
Purpose and characteristics:
The chain crusher is suitable for the crushing of blocks in the production of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. It is also widely used in chemical industry, building materials, mining and other industries. In the crushing process, the machine adopts high-strength and high-strength hard alloy chain plate with synchronous speed. The design of import and export is reasonable, the crushed materials are uniform, not easy to stick to the wall, and easy to clean.

Application of chain crusher:
The chain crusher has been used for a long time, which proves that it is easy to use, high efficiency, large production capacity and simple maintenance. Suitable for crushing all kinds of block fertilizer and other medium hardness block materials. The chain crusher is able to crush phosphate fertilizer, superphosphate and a variety of phosphatic compound fertilizer products with 14% water content and 6% free acid without drying. It overcomes the shortcomings of the vertical chain crusher and other crushers used in many domestic phosphate compound fertilizer plants in the production and operation of materials sticking to the inner wall of the casing, which makes the production impossible. The horizontal chain crusher makes the crushing process in the production of phosphate compound fertilizer achieve continuous production and improves the production efficiency.
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