Application of binder in the process of fertilizer granulator


Binder refers to a substance that promotes the agglomeration of raw material powder and particles during the granulation process, improves the granulation efficiency, increases the yield, and improves the physical properties of the granules (strength, surface morphology, disintegration resistance, etc.). In wet granulation such as rotary drum granulator, disc granulator, and stirring granulator, granulating liquid such as water is added to the raw material powder to make the surface of the powder wet and form solid-liquid crosslinks. Reunite into pellets. On the other hand, in dry granulation, such as briquetting granulation and melt granulation, since the granulation is completed by intermolecular forces, there is no need to add a granulation binder.

Application of binder in the process of fertilizer granulator
The granulation binder used in the fertilizer granulation process should have the following functions:

a. Certain adhesion

b. High surface tension

c. High solid crosslinking strength after drying

d. Low cost

e. When mixed with chemical fertilizers, it is harmless to crops

f. Biodegradability of synthetic organic materials
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