Application of Potassium Fertilizer in Crops and Industry


Potassium is a necessary element for plant growth and development, which can effectively improve the quality and yield of agricultural products. Reasonable use of potassium fertilizer can make the stem of agricultural products strong, improve the ability of disease and insect resistance, cold resistance, drought resistance and lodging resistance, promote root development, bulb increase, and promote fruit enlargement and full color.
The types and functions of potassium fertilizers:
Common potassium fertilizers on the market are potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate, potassium chloride grass ash, etc.
1.Potassium sulphate: Potassium sulfate is suitable for base or Topdressing of most crops,But it can't be used with soils with high calcium content. Sulphur in the soils reacts with calcium and causes soil caking. In addition, potassium sulfate can not be applied to aquatic crops, for example, when rice uses too much potassium sulfate, hydrogen sulfide poisoning may occur.
2.potassium chloride: Long-term use of chloride ions can react with saline-alkaline soils, resulting in the consolidation of saline-alkaline soils. Therefore, those soil which are afraid of chloride ion should prohibit potassium chloride and can choose potassium sulfate.
3.potassium nitrate:Potassium nitrate is suitable for topdressing crops. It reacts with sodium nitrate and potassium chloride, and then crystallizes into a compound fertilizer containing chlorine and potassium. Because it contains nitrate nitrogen, it will cause fertilizer loss in paddy field, crop use too much fertilizer or use in coloring period, which will easily lead to crop maturity delayed due to excessive nitrogen fertilizer.
Symptoms of crop potassium deficiency:
Potassium deficiency may lead to necrotic spots on crop leaf margins. At first, the old leaves in the lower part appear spots, and the tip of the leaf margin begins to turn yellow, then necrosis occurs. Excessive potassium fertilizer will shorten the internode of crops, shorten the whole plant, yellowing the leaf color, and even wither.
Feasibility of Potassium Fertilizer Production Technology:
By 2020, the world's population will grow to 7.68 billion, and the demand for food will increase with the gradual growth of the population. With the decrease of the per capita cultivated land area, it is necessary to use chemical fertilizer to increase grain production and income. Taking apple as an example, potassium fertilizer and potassium fertilizer account for 67% of the total cost of chemical fertilizer. The rising scale of high-end cash crops has opened up a potential incremental market for potassium fertilizer. Potassium fertilizer is expected to usher in a golden period of rising prices again as global agricultural prices enter an upward trend.
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