Auxiliary fermentation of cow dung by fermentation agent


Although cow manure is not as good as pig manure, it is rich in crude protein, crude fiber and crude fat, which can also be used as high-quality organic fertilizer. Fermented cow dung as organic fertilizer can not only improve soil fertility and reduce soil hardening, but also significantly reduce the use of chemical agents, improve the quality of plants, and completely degrade the residues in the soil.

The method and steps of fermenting cow dung to make organic fertilizer are as follows:

1. Preparation materials: dry cow dung, fermentation agent, straw powder (grass powder, sawdust, bran, mushroom substrate, and cake).

2. Mixing: evenly mix the cow dung and the fermentation agent, check the dry humidity of the fermentation material, and the dry humidity is about 40-50% (i.e. hold the fermentation material tightly with your hand, feel that there is water on your hand, but there is no water dripping,
and it will disperse if you loosen it). Make sure to mix well.

3. Pile building: the mixed materials shall be piled together, and the pile building shall not be too small, generally 2 meters wide and 1.5 meters high, and the length shall be determined according to the fermentation windrow turner. This is conducive to the overturning of the windrow turner to ensure the internal oxygen.

4. Fermentation environment: winter or summer. It can ferment in the greenhouse in winter.

5. The completion time of cow dung fermentation is very short: due to the effect of the fermentation agent, it will make the dung quickly ferment and heat up, accelerate the decomposition of the dung, 7-10 days (depending on the external temperature).

6. What is the cow dung like after fermentation: after fermentation, the cow dung is still cow dung, but it is rotten, the color becomes dark, and there is no odor.

7. How to make fertilizer from fermented cow dung: if the fermented cow dung is dried and crushed for processing, the powder organic fertilizer can be sold in bags. It can also be made into granules by mixer, rotary drum granulator, etc. bagging is granular organic fertilizer.
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