The necessity of improving soil quality and animal manure organic fertilizer machine


Improve soil quality animal manure organic fertilizer machine can not be replaced, the scale of the farm is constantly expanding, manure and sewage are not treated innocuously, they are discharged or disposed improperly at will, and surface water, soil and groundwater are polluted by the washing and washing of precipitation. The pollution of fecal sewage to water and soil is mainly caused by organic pollutants, nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients. The urgent task is to use organic fertilizer machines to solve the pollution source as early as possible. With the continuous development of agricultural modernization, organic fertilizer plays an important role in agricultural production, such as Mount Tai. The agricultural products grown with organic fertilizer have a good taste, can effectively maintain the unique nutrition and taste of fruits and vegetables, and also play an important role in the protection and improvement of soil environment. The organic matter in organic fertilizer increases the content of organic matter in the soil, reduces the cohesion of the soil, and enhances the water and fertilizer holding capacity of sandy soil. Thus, the soil forms a stable aggregate structure, which can play a good role in the coordinated supply of fertility. After using organic fertilizer, the soil will become loose and fertile.

The beneficial microorganism in the organic fertilizer can also inhibit the propagation of harmful bacteria, so as to make less medicine. If it is applied for many years continuously, it can effectively inhibit the soil harmful organisms, save labor, money and pollution. At the same time, there are various active enzymes secreted by the digestive tract of animals and various enzymes produced by microorganisms in organic fertilizers. When these substances are applied to the soil, the enzyme activity of the soil can be greatly improved. Long term application of organic fertilizer can improve the quality of soil. If we improve the quality of soil fundamentally, we are not afraid to plant high-quality fruits. The actual utilization rate of chemical fertilizer is only 30% - 45%. Some of the lost fertilizer is decomposed and released into the atmosphere, some is lost along with the water and soil flow, and some is fixed in the soil and can not be directly absorbed and utilized by plants. When the organic fertilizer is applied, the beneficial biological activities improve the soil structure, increase the ability of soil water and fertilizer conservation, and reduce the loss of nutrients. In addition, the effective utilization rate of chemical fertilizer can be increased to more than 50%. The advantages of organic fertilizer show that it can not be replaced. Compared with chemical fertilizer, people will choose organic fertilizer in the future. The wide use of organic fertilizer can effectively reduce the cost of agricultural production, reduce environmental pollution and meet the requirements of sustainable development of modern agriculture.
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