What are the benefits of applying organic fertilizer?


What are the benefits of applying organic fertilizer?
1. Nutrient is comprehensive. Organic fertilizer is a complete fertilizer, containing a large amount of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, silicon and other large and medium elements and a certain amount of iron, copper, zinc, manganese and boron required for the growth and development of crops. , molybdenum and other trace elements.
2. Improve the soil. Organic fertilizer contains a lot of organic matter. Long-term application can improve soil organic matter, improve soil aggregate structure, promote soil microbial reproduction, loosen soil, ventilate, and be easy to drain and cultivate.
3. Keep fertilizer and water. The application of organic fertilizer can enhance the fertilizer retention and buffering capacity of the soil. The humus is an organic colloid. Although the particles are small, the surface area is large, the water absorption capacity is more than 100 times larger than that of the inorganic colloid, and the substitution amount is 4 times larger. Long-term application of organic fertilizer can increase the organic and in-vivo composite colloids, and the soil is closely integrated to enhance the ability of water retention, fertilizer conservation and fertilizer supply.
4. Promote crop growth. Among the humus of organic fertilizer, the main component is humic acid, which can promote seed germination, root growth and nutrient absorption. The application of organic fertilizer can also increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, an important raw material for photosynthesis, several times to several tens of times.
5. Improve fertilizer utilization. The combination of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer can be used for mutual assistance and mutual complementation. The acid produced when organic fertilizer is decomposed can promote the dissolution of mineral nutrients.
6. Improve the quality of agricultural products.
There are many benefits to using organic fertilizer, how to produce organic fertilizer? Organic fertilizer production needs organic fertilizer equipment, welcome to visit our organic fertilizer equipment factory.
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