How to use straw to produce organic fertilizer?


How to use straw to produce organic fertilizer?
(1) Straw treatment First, the straw should be crushed to a certain degree of fineness. Then, an appropriate amount of raw materials such as poultry excrement or sludge must be added to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio and moisture of the compost material, or the strain and enzyme are added. You can use a fertilizer crusher to crush straw.
(2) Fermentation is divided into two stages: one is pre-fermentation, which can be carried out in the open air or in the fermentation device. The oxygen is supplied to the accumulation layer or the fermentation device by turning the forced ventilation, and the livestock and poultry feces is added as the main body of the straw. The main fermentation period of oxygen compost is about 3 to 10 days. The second is post-fermentation. After the semi-finished product of the main fermentation is sent to the post-fermentation process, the easily decomposable organic matter and the hardly decomposable organic matter which have not been decomposed in the main fermentation process are further decomposed to become stable organic substances such as humic acid and amino acid. For fully decomposed organic fertilizer products, the post-fermentation time is usually 20 to 30 days. Fermentation can be done with the help of an organic compost machine.
(3) Post-treatment It can be further dried and pulverized as needed. And then processed into a crop-specific organic-inorganic compound fertilizer.
(4) Storage Composting is generally used in spring and autumn. It must be stored in summer and winter. The storage method can be directly stored in the fermentation tank or in bags, requiring dry and breathable.
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