Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Process


The organic fertilizer produced by chicken manure production line is rich in nutrients. If placed evenly, no fertilizer is needed for at least 100 days. This effect cannot be replaced by any fertilizer. The organic fertilizer produced has a comprehensive effect. It contains not only nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but also calcium, magnesium and silicon, which can improve soil nutrients and benefit crop growth.
Organic fertilizer production line 

Chicken manure organic fertilizer production equipment
1. The main purpose of organic compost machine
The main purpose is to mix organic solid waste with auxiliary materials (plant straw, etc.) and microbial starter with water content less than 60% to fully decompose and sterilize through the pond. Aerobic fermentation for deodorization and dehydration. In Fanguo, the moisture content of the decomposed material is usually 30-35%. After screening, it can be directly used for granulating organic fertilizer or powdered organic fertilizer.
2. Organic fertilizer granulator
After screening the fermented organic matter, the raw materials of other ingredients are metered, compounded and mixed according to the ratio. After thorough mixing, the material is uniformly and continuously fed into the box of the organic fertilizer granulator through a speed belt conveyor. After grinding them into spherical pellets with a rounding machine, they are dried in a low temperature and strong air (<65 C) of the dryer. After cooling and sieving, the finished granules are transported through a bucket elevator to the finished product warehouse and packaged in a computer. Bio-organic fertilizers can be produced by adding functional bacteria, and organic and inorganic fertilizers can be produced by adding phosphorus and potassium (total nutrient content less than 15%).
Advantages of organic fertilizer production line
1. Organic fertilizer equipment has low noise and safe and reliable operation.
2. The organic fertilizer granules are smoother, the hardness is more moderate, and the forming speed is higher.
3. It can be applied to the production needs of different materials and different particle sizes.
4, organic fertilizer processing equipment can be applied to different production lines of large, medium and small organic fertilizer. The raw materials of organic fertilizers can be various animal manure, straw plant crude fiber, domestic garbage, industrial and agricultural waste, and the like.
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