Drum screener machine - the preferred machine for screening materials


Screener machine is an indispensable machine in fertilizer production line. The screener machine determines the screening efficiency and production efficiency of materials.Drum screener is one of the more popular screen, mainly because of its working principle and performance. The drum Screener machine can not only be used for crushing and screening materials after material fermentation compost machine, but also can be used for screening the size of granulator in the production line of fertilizer granulation. The following by me to tell you about the drum screening machine why will get the favorite of the major manufacturers!
Drum screener machine - the preferred machine for screening materials
The working principle of drum screener:
Drum screener machine is composed of motor, reducer, drum, frame, sealing cover, inlet and outlet. The motor drives the screen mechanism to rotate around the axis through the reducer and the drum shaft. When the material enters the screen cylinder device, the qualified material will be discharged through the screen hole due to the rotation of the screen cylinder device, and the unqualified material will be discharged through the end of the drum.
Performance characteristics of the drum screener machine:
1.Wide adaptability of materials
Drum screener machine is widely used in various types of bulk material screening, such as poultry manure, inferior coal, coke, slaked lime and other materials with large water content, as well as sandstone, quicklime and other materials,it can be successfully screened.
2.The feeding method is simple and diversified
The feeding inlet of the drum screen can be designed according to the actual working conditions of the site. Whether it is a belt, a funnel or other feeding methods, special measures can be taken without any special measures.
3.High screening precision and high efficiency
In the screening process, the sorting of the finished product and the return material is controlled according to the particle size of the material, and the material entering the drum screener machine can be sieved regardless of how dirty or mixed the material is. Thereby improving the screening accuracy and efficiency of the equipment.
4.The screening treatment volume is large and easy to enlarge
Under the same external dimensions, the effective contact area of the drum is larger than the effective sub-area of other sieve types, and the material can fully contact the screen, so the screening treatment amount per unit time is also large. The structure is simple, the arrangement is convenient, the technology is new and mature, and it is easy to enlarge.
5.Low energy consumption
The motor power of the equipment is small, one-third to one-half of other sieve types. The same amount of materials are processed and the running time is only one-half of the other sieve types, so the energy consumption is low.
6.Good working environment
Compared withvibration screener, the whole screen drum of rotary drum screen adopts sealed isolation cover, which avoids the phenomenon of dust flying and blockage flying out during the screening process, and ensures a good working environment.
7.Low noise of the equipment
In the operation of the rolling simple screen, the noise of the equipment is reduced due to the small rotation speed and the sealed isolation cover to isolate the running noise from the outside.
8.Long service life and small maintenance
The drum screen is composed of nylon, stainless steel and manganese steel. The total area of the sieve is far larger than the sieve area of other sieve types, and the screening efficiency is high, the equipment running time is short, so the service life is long and the wearing parts are small.
9.Convenient maintenance
The equipment sealing cover can be disassembled, and it will not affect the normal operation of the machine after disassembly, and it is very convenient for maintenance. 
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