Efficient organic fertilizer flat die granulator


The flat die granulator is one of the main (biological) organic fertilizer production equipment of our company at present. It is a fertilizer machine repeatedly researched, improved and elaborately manufactured by our scientific and technological personnel on the basis of advanced granulators at home and abroad, with many years of production experience. It has excellent technology and simple operation, and has designed different models and multiple models. It is an ideal organic fertilizer machine.

Efficient organic fertilizer flat die granulator
Application and characteristics of flat die granulator
The flat die granulator is mainly used for particle processing of (biological) organic fertilizer and aquaculture processing industry;
The surface of the processed granular material is smooth, the hardness is moderate, the temperature rise is low during the processing, and all the nutrients in the raw material can be well maintained;
The particle composition is uniform, the shape is neat, and the diameter of the particle diameter can be divided into: Φ 2, Φ 2.5, Φ 3.5, Φ 4, Φ 5, Φ 6, Φ 7, Φ 8, etc. When ordering, users can select according to production needs;
Because of the low moisture content of particles, it is easy to store them in water, which can keep the original state for a long time, and greatly improve the utilization rate of materials.

Working principle of flat die granulator
The working principle of the flat die pelletizer is: the belt and pulley are driven by the main motor, and transmitted to the driving shaft through the reducer. The split gear installed on the driving shaft and the big gear ring fixed on the body are engaged to work in the opposite direction. The material is added from the feed end to the inside of the barrel. Through the function of the special structure inside the cylinder, it is made into particles and flows out through the discharge port. Due to the continuous entry of materials and the continuous rotation of granulator, mass production can be realized.
Efficient organic fertilizer flat die granulator
Advantages of flat die granulator
1. After the pressure wheel is increased, the bearing is increased, and the bearing capacity is enhanced.
2. When the pressure wheel is increased, the temperature generated by extrusion friction is not easy to be transmitted to the bearing chamber, so as to ensure that the working grease of the bearing is not easy to overflow at low temperature.
3. After increasing the pressure wheel, the pressure wheel can be repaired 2-3 times, the service life is prolonged, the production cost is reduced, and the profit space of the project is increased.
4. The content of organic matter can be as high as 100%, realizing the pure organic granulation.
5. There is no need to add binder in granulation, and organic particles can form particles under certain force. 
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