Equipment process of production line with annual output of 10000-30000 tons of sheep manure bio organic fertilizer


 Sheep manure processing biofertilizer project
I. The amount of sheep manure mixed with crop straw depends on the water content of sheep manure. According to the fermentation process, the water content is required to be within 45%, that is to say, the materials are kneaded into a ball, and the water can be seen, but the water will not drop, and the loosened ball will be dispersed. Then, the reason for adding corn flour and the bacteria needed for the determination is that the sugar content of corn flour can be increased to promote the rapid fermentation of bacteria.
II. Add the prepared materials into the material mixer for mixing, and the mixing shall be uniform and transparent without any lumps left.
III. then the mixed materials shall be stacked in a fermentation tank or fermentor with a width of 2-6 meters and a height of 1.0-1.5 meters, and the materials shall be repeatedly thrown by a windrow turner every other day.
Ⅳ. Generally, in the fermentation tank, the temperature will rise after 2 days of stacking, no odor after 2 days, fluffy and loose after 3 days, fragrance will be emitted after 2 days, and compost can be made in 15 days.
1. In the fermentation tank for 2 days, the temperature will rise to 60 ℃ - 80 ℃, which will kill bacteria and insects.
2. On the fourth day in the fermentation tank, the odor will be eliminated; then on the seventh day, the materials in the tank will become loose, dry and covered with white hyphae.
3. In the tank fermentation to the ninth day, nine will send out a fragrance, basically similar to the koji flavor.
4. When the tank is fermented to the 10th day, the material will be fermented and fully.
5. It means that the fermentation stage is over, and materials can be removed to the fertilizer granulation process by forklift.

Production line process of sheep manure bio organic fertilizer granulation
Sheep manure bio organic fertilizer production line pass through the loader feeding hopper, semi wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, disc granulation machine, drum dryer, cooling machine, drum screening machine, coating machine, automatic quantitative packaging machine.

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