Feasibility analysis of biofertilizer project


People's living standards are constantly rising, more and more people put forward new and higher requirements for the quality of food, "pollution-free products" have developed into the standard for the quality and safety of food and vegetables. Therefore, the application of organic fertilizer green food by the majority of consumers love. It also provides a broad development space for organic fertilizer.

For a long time, the abuse of chemical fertilizer has led to the decline of agricultural product quality, the hardening of soil, the loss of nutrients, and the pollution of fish ponds and living water sources. Therefore, the development of organic fertilizer and the protection of ecological environment are the inevitable trend of fertilizer production in China and even in the world, so the biofertilizer project has broad development prospects and market opportunities. Using animal manure, domestic garbage and waste sludge to produce organic fertilizer not only beautifies the environment, but also turns waste into treasure, which provides a vast potential market for the development of organic fertilizer.

I. Types of raw materials for biological fertilizer
Types of organic fertilizer: A, straw type organic fertilizer; B, livestock manure type organic fertilizer; C, humic acid type organic fertilizer; D, domestic waste, sludge type organic fertilizer; E, slag type organic fertilizer; F, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer.

II. fertilizer production process and organic fertilizer machine
Technological process: organic raw material → fermentation → grinding → rotary drum granulator → drying → screening → packaging
Process flow can be designed according to different raw materials. The equipment can be simple and complex, semi-automatic, assembly line can be produced, and the annual output of organic fertilizer production equipment can be customized according to the requirements of users. Our company has the latest invention of bio organic fertilizer production equipment. There are professional engineers on-site guidance, strong technical force.

III. technical support and service items
Our company can provide customers with complete set of equipment, process design, equipment manufacturing, installation and debugging, process formula, production management technology. 
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