Development trend of biofertilizer project industry


I. Development Status and trend of biofertilizer
With the gradual improvement of people's awareness of environmental problems and soil recycling, the traditional fertilizer can no longer meet the needs of agricultural development. In order to achieve the sustainable development of agricultural products, it is imperative to develop high-efficiency environmental protection fertilizer. Based on the current situation of chemical fertilizer use and agricultural waste, it has become a hot spot of agricultural research at home and abroad to actively seek for efficient and environmentally friendly chemical fertilizer substitutes and actively explore the way of agricultural waste resource utilization. The original intention of the development and production of bio organic fertilizer is to integrate the advantages of organic fertilizer and bio fertilizer, which not only helps to improve the crop yield, but also can fertilize the soil, regulate the micro ecological balance of the soil, reduce the amount of inorganic fertilizer, and fundamentally improve the quality of agricultural products, which is in line with the sustainable development of agriculture and the production of green agricultural products.

II. Process production of biofertilizer project
The fertilizer production process mainly includes the process of fermentation bacteria to promote the maturity of materials, the process of adding functional bacteria to secondary fermentation and the process of finished products. It is the key link of the whole production to make the material completely rotten through fermentation. In the stage of fermentation and ripening, most enterprises adopt the method of tank stacking fermentation, and small enterprises adopt the method of strip stacking for composting and fermentation. A windrow turner can solve the problem of uniform fermentation. Water content, C / N ratio, temperature, pH, ventilation and other process parameters directly affect the degree of material maturity and fermentation cycle. After the material is completely rotten, add nitrogen fixing bacteria, phosphorus dissolving bacteria, potassium dissolving bacteria and other complex functional bacteria for secondary fermentation, and improve the number of beneficial living bacteria in the product by controlling the fermentation conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing the fertilizer efficiency of bio organic fertilizer. After fermentation, in order to improve the commercialization of the product and ensure the survival rate of beneficial microorganisms in the product, the technology of low temperature drying after pelleting of the finished product is the best.
biofertilizer granulation production line
Development trend of biofertilizer project industry

III. the future of bio organic fertilizer
The development and application of bio organic fertilizer can not only create conditions for the development of green agriculture and organic agriculture, but also realize the resource utilization of organic waste "turning waste into treasure", which has high economic, ecological and social benefits, and is a powerful guarantee for the sustainable development of agriculture. In the future, bio organic fertilizer will become the hot spot of fertilizer industry production and agricultural material consumption, and will have a broad development prospect. 
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