Organic fertilizer production equipment - fertilizer granulation equipment


Organic fertilizer production equipment - fertilizer granulation equipment
Granulation molding is a unique link in China and other regions in Europe and America. Granular fertilizer has good commodity properties, will not be automatically graded during storage and transportation, and has a slow release property, which can create a pellet structure for the soil. At present, the main organic fertilizer granulation methods on the market mainly include extrusion granulation and agglomeration granulation. The equipment commonly used in extrusion granulation is a roll extrusion granulator, which is a widely used granulator in the organic fertilizer granulator. It is an extrusion sliding model and can continuously produce one roll forming. The material is added from the feeding hopper, extruded by a pair of rolls, demoted and pelletized, and then transferred to a crushing sieve working chamber, sieved and separated into finished particles, and then the returned material is mixed with the new material, and then granulated. Further, the extrusion granulation apparatus includes a flat die granulator and a ring die granulator. Commonly used equipment for agglomeration granulation is a disc granulator and a drum granulator. The disc granulator is a mature organic fertilizer granulation equipment. The granulation disc angle adopts an integral circular arc structure. The material entering the disc is sprayed by an atomizing nozzle, and a proper amount of liquid is sprayed through the granulation disc. The finished pellets are formed into a certain amount and then withdrawn by the rotation of the disc. The granulation tray has three discharge port for easy intermittent production. The drum granulator has a special structure inside the cylinder, and the material to be granulated is rotated by the cylinder, and the rolling rotation is generated in the cylinder body, and the ball is gathered into a ball under a certain humidity and temperature to complete the ball making process.
Drying and cooling are generally required after granulation. Common drying equipment includes drum dryers, fluoridized bed dryers, airflow dryers, etc. Currently, drum dryers are used more. If it is a bio-organic fertilizer, the low-volume multi-stage low-temperature drying is generally limited by the agent. Granulating molding equipment can be added to the drying module and the cooling module to make it a versatile laminating machine, which simplifies the process and saves equipment costs.
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