Organic fertilizer production equipment takes you to fertilize lettuce to increase production yield


Organic fertilizer production equipment takes you to fertilize lettuce to increase production yield
Lettuce is also known as green bamboo shoots, broccoli, lettuce, borage, and bamboo shoots. Lettuce is rich in nutrients, and it is very diverse for the practice. It can also be tasted raw, and the leaves of lettuce can also be Edible, of course, today is not to introduce the way to eat lettuce. Today, I mainly tell you how to fertilize lettuce, so that lettuce can grow well and produce a high yield.
Organic fertilizer production equipment manufacturers take you to find out.
1, The requirements for fertilizer in the seedling period are not high. As it grows, the demand for fertilizer is increasing. During the period of lettuce, the amount of fertilizer is the largest. During this period, the demand for nitrogen fertilizer accounts for more than 80% of the whole growth period.
2, fertilization is based on the base fertilizer, the right amount of topdressing, the topdressing with nitrogen fertilizer is the rational combination of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Combined with water management during fertilization, it can improve the utilization of fertilizer, accelerate the absorption by roots, and promote growth.
3. As the yield per mu decreases, the application rate of NPK fertilizer is gradually reduced.
4, pay attention to fertilization, lettuce acid resistance is poor, so use less acidic fertilizer when fertilizing
The above are some of the places that the fertilizer production equipment manufacturers have to pay attention to in fertilizing lettuce. The demand for fertilizer in this plant is very large, but the acid resistance is very poor, so try to divide it when applying fertilizer. The batch is carried out, and at the same time, attention should be paid to the combination of the elements in the fertilizer. There are more than ten elements needed in the process of growth, so the fertilization should be matched to avoid the appearance of deficiency of lettuce, reasonable matching elements and reasonable fertilization. Inevitably, the lettuce will not have problems in the growth process because of the fact that it is sure to raise the nutrients, so the harvest will inevitably reach high yield.
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