It is good to use organic fertilizer, but pay attention to these misunderstandings. Otherwise it will be useless.


It is good to use organic fertilizer, but pay attention to these misunderstandings. Otherwise it will be useless.
When planting things, everyone realized the importance of traditional fertilizers, which can improve the soil better, and the plants planted are not prone to nutritional imbalances. Although organic fertilizers are more natural, they should be noted at the same time. If they are not correct, they will cause various fats.
What are the mistakes to be aware of when using organic fertilizer?
First, cannot directly use feces
When it comes to organic fertilizer, many people first think of the feces of various livestock, and may go to a nearby farm to get some back and use it directly. This is not possible, first of all, this fecal fermentation will produce heat to burn the plants. In addition, there are many germs in it. Only the treated manure can be used as a fertilizer. If you feel that it is more troublesome to handle it yourself, you can buy the factory-treated, fully processed organic fertilizer should be dark brown and have no odor. We have organic fertilizer fermenting equipment, organic fertilizer granulator, our organic fertilizer production equipment is the best, welcome to consult.
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Second, cannot be used excessively
Although the nutrients in organic fertilizers are relatively comprehensive, the content is not very high, so many people feel that they must use more when they use them, in order to achieve results. In fact, if a large amount of organic fertilizer is used, there will also be problems, such as excessive concentration, burning of seedlings, or uneven nutrients in the soil.
Third, with fertilizer
Although it is very recommended to use organic fertilizer now, it is not that fertilizer cannot be used. Pay attention to the use of the combination, so the effect will be even better. Because some of the organic fertilizers do not meet the needs of crop growth, it is necessary to use some fertilizer together, otherwise it will affect the output. For example, when using the base fertilizer, a lot of organic fertilizer will be used, and then some compound fertilizer will be taken. In the later stage of fatning, basically still use some separate fertilizer. We have a complete set of fertilizer production equipment, organic fertilizer production line and npk fertilizer production line is the most popular fertilizer production line.
Fourth, improper handling methods
Some farmers will handle all kinds of feces on their own and pile them on the outside. If they have been living for a long time, although the bacteria inside have already been killed, many of the nutrients will be lost when the wind blows. Coupled with the rainy days, a lot of water enters, although it is very large in use, but the nutrients that can really be scored are not very much.
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