Treatment of agglomeration problems after granulation by new type organic fertilizer granulator


People who are engaged in agricultural production often encounter such problems after purchasing fertilizer sources, that is, agglomeration or flatulence, and according to market research, whether it is the granulation of the granulator or the new type organic fertilizer Some fertilizer sources for granulation have a certain degree of agglomeration, but the fertilizer is completely qualified at the factory, and there is no agglomeration problem. Then the Double Roller Press Granulator and the New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator If the fertilizer source processed by the equipment is qualified, how does the plate problem appear? Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. will take you to know.

The new type organic fertilizer granulator is a process of realizing molecular recombination between materials by using powerful spiral pressure. The representative product of this process, the new type organic fertilizer granulator produces very strong particle strength during the working process, and uses The production technology is normal temperature and no drying, so the moisture content of the finished granules is also very small, and the finished fertilizer with such high strength and small moisture content generally does not have agglomeration problems.

However, the fertilizer source produced by the new type organic fertilizer granulator will be affected by weather and other aspects during storage and transportation. For example, the wet and rainy weather will cause the surface of the material to absorb moisture, and the surface will expand and recrystallize, resulting in small The particles become large particles and agglomerate, so this agglomeration problem generally occurs in long-term storage of fertilizer sources and improper transportation in continuous rainy days.

Knowing the reasons for the agglomeration problem of the fertilizer source produced by the new type organic fertilizer granulator, we can easily eliminate it. We can use the appropriate packaging to prevent the moisture-absorbing and breathable packaging materials, so that the finished packaging materials after packaging. It is not affected by the humidity of the outside air, or dried after granulation of a new type organic fertilizer granulator, and then a coating film is applied to the surface of each particle to provide a special protective film. Preventing the influence of external air humidity on the finished particles, so that the problem of particle agglomeration is better.

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