What is harmless treatment of the factory?


What is harmless treatment of the factory?
If there are large livestock farms and poultry farms, due to the large amount of manure, it can be factorized and harmless. Mainly, the feces are collected and concentrated, and then dehydrated to achieve a moisture content of 20% to 30%. The dehydrated manure is then transported to a dedicated steam sterilizing room. The temperature of the steam sterilizing room should not be too high, generally 80 to 100 degrees Celsius. The temperature is too high to cause nutrient decomposition loss. The fertilizer is continuously operated in the disinfection room and disinfected for 20 to 30 minutes to kill all eggs, weed seeds and harmful germs.
The deodorization tower is equipped with deodorization tower for deodorization, and the odor is discharged through the tower. The deodorized and disinfected feces are then blended with the necessary natural minerals such as phosphate rock, dolomite and mica powder for granulation and drying to form organic fertilizer.
The fertilizer production process is as follows: fecal concentration ~ dehydration ~ disinfection ~ deodorization ~ formula mixing ~ granulation ~ drying ~ sieving ~ packaging ~ storage. In short, through the harmless treatment of organic fertilizer, the purpose of degrading organic pollutants and biological pollution can be achieved.
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