High efficiency chain plate fermentation compost turning machine


The chain plate type compost turning machine has compact structure and excellent technology. It can improve the maturity of organic wastes such as livestock and poultry excrement by using some beneficial microorganisms. It adopts the pond type continuous aerobic composting fermentation technology to make organic wastes mature, dehydrate, sterilize and deodorize, and achieve the purpose of harmless, resource-based and reduction treatment. The fermentation cycle is short (7-8 days). At present, the selection of organic fertilizer equipment is the device with single turning capacity of organic fertilizer fermentation. The chain is improved to be stable in use; the lifting mechanism is hydraulically driven to ensure stable operation.

The organic fertilizer machine is suitable for aerobic fermentation, and can be used with solar fermentation room, fermentation trough and transfer machine. It can realize the function of one machine with multiple slots when used together with the transfer machine. The matched fermentation tank can discharge materials continuously or in batches, with high efficiency, stable operation, durability and even turnover.
High efficiency chain plate fermentation compost turning machine
Features of the chain plate type compost turning machine used in multiple grooves:
1. The designed shifting truck mounted tripper can meet the requirements of multiple fermentation troughs.
2. Through horizontal and vertical displacement, any position in the groove can be flipped, flexible and flexible.
3. It can be equipped with trough type raw material distributor, automatic discharging device, solar fermentation room, ventilation and aeration system, etc.
4. The intelligent electric control cabinet can remotely command the equipment to move forward, backward and limit as you wish.
5. The lifting and lowering of the composting working parts are controlled by hydraulic system, which is flexible and convenient.
6. The composting support plate is equipped with flexible tension and elastic damping system to protect the transmission system and working parts.
7. Adopt the supporting plate structure of chain drive and rolling support, small throwing resistance, energy saving, suitable for deep groove operation.
8. 390 pieces of removable wear-resistant curved tooth cutters are installed on the composting and throwing support plate, with strong crushing capacity and good oxygen filling effect of the material pile.
9. During composting, the materials stay on the pallet for a long time, and are scattered at a high position, fully contacted with the air, easy to reduce the moisture. 
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