How much does the organic fertilizer production plant generally need to invest


The annual output of 30000 tons of organic fertilizer granulation production line (fully automatic) investment of 230000 yuan. The annual output of 50000 tons of pellet production line is 480000 yuan. Organic fertilizer production plants can also buy their own organic fertilizer production equipment, such as composting machine, mixer, and self fermentation. There are many materials for making microbial organic fertilizer, such as rice bran, weeds, human and animal manure, crop straw (chopped), stem and leaf, sawdust. Add microbial starter, ferment organic fertilizer, 10-15 fermentation completely decomposed, so the cost is much less.
How much does the organic fertilizer production plant generally need to invest

The production process of organic fertilizer production equipment is as follows: ① raw material fermentation --- ② raw material computer belt scale automatic batching --- ③ crushing --- mixing ----- ④ fertilizer granulator for granulation ----- ⑤ drying particles --- ⑥ cooling ----- ⑦ screening machine to screening qualified organic fertilizer particles ----- ⑧ coating machine ---- ⑨ automatic packaging metering packaging machine.

The investment in the production equipment of chicken manure, pig manure and cow manure can be large or small. If the production of powdery organic fertilizer processing, only one fermentation equipment, grinder and screening machine are needed. Investment is more than 60000 yuan. If producing granular organic fertilizer, fertilizer granulator, dryer and annual output of 10000 tons of organic fertilizer need to be added. Generally, cooling machine is not needed for the production of organic fertilizer, and the investment is about 150000 yuan. The construction site can be large or small (the equipment can be arranged according to the site design). Generally, the total site needs 3 to 5 mu. 

How much does the organic fertilizer production plant generally need to invest
Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry suggests to select appropriate equipment configuration according to the investment status of organic fertilizer production plant. It can be used as granular fertilizer and powder fertilizer. If the fund is abundant, the organic fertilizer granulation production line with high degree of automation can be selected; if the fund is limited, the organic fertilizer production line without granulation system can be selected in the early stage. After operating for a period of time, the granulation system can be added according to the actual needs, thus reducing the investment risk in the early stage.
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