Production technology of organic fertilizer double roller granulator


Double roller granulation fertilizer production line: The whole granulation process does not need to add any other items, maintaining the high quality of the original product. The granulated particles are packaged and sold in products that meet the requirements of industrial standards after screening. Otherwise it will be returned to this and re-granulated.

Production technology of organic fertilizer double roller granulator

1. The qualified raw materials are added into the fertilizer mixer according to the proportion requirements and mixed evenly 

2. It is transported to the disc feeder, and the iron substance in the material is cleaned during the conveying process 

3. The materials in the disc feeder enter into the double roller granulator evenly, and the materials are pressed into thin pieces through the two pressing rollers, and the thin plates are crushed into pieces and screened; the materials on the screen continue to be broken and screened; 
Production technology of organic fertilizer double roller granulator

4. The semi-finished products are transported to the finished product screening machine; the screened fine particles are directly returned to the disc feeder; and the large particles are crushed by the pulverizer and then returned to the disc feeder 

5. After screening, the qualified products are transported to automatic packaging, weighing, packaging and warehousing. 

There are some advantages and disadvantages in the production of organic fertilizer by roller granulation process 

1. Extrusion granulation does not need to add and humidify materials, which not only saves investment and energy, but also adapts to granulation containing heat sensitive materials such as hydrogen carbonate and organic fertilizer 

2. In the production process, there is no waste water or waste gas discharged, will not pollute the environment.  

3. The organic fertilizer machine occupies less land and requires less investment, which greatly reduces the power consumption cost and labor cost.

4. Stable and reliable operation.

5. The raw material of the roll granulator has wide adaptability, and a single raw material or multiple raw materials are acceptable.
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