How much is the investment in organic fertilizer production equipment?


For customers who have just invested in organic fertilizer production equipment, an annual output of 10000-30000 tons of organic fertilizer production line is generally enough. The annual production of organic fertilizer by 500 pigs is about 7000 tons. Now, the price of organic fertilizer is about 600 in powder form and 1600 in granular form.
In addition to the construction of rainproof steel greenhouse, organic fertilizer raw materials, workers' wages, etc., the cost of building a small organic fertilizer plant can be recovered in 4 to 6 months, and the profit can be recovered in half a year. The return is very rich and the profit is considerable.
There are two steps to process commercial organic fertilizer in the organic fertilizer production line: early fermentation and treatment part and deep processing granulation part. Organic fertilizer production equipment needs fermentation compost windrow turner, crusher, mixer, fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, conveyor and other equipment.
How much is the investment in organic fertilizer production equipment?
Conditions and requirements for the construction of organic fertilizer plant:
1. The fecal centralized treatment center needs to be flat and more than 1km away from residential areas.
2. There are scattered livestock and poultry farmers around the centralized treatment center, and the transportation radius is not more than 15 km.
3. The model is suitable for the treatment of solid manure, organic fertilizer production, manure treatment of chicken, beef and sheep farms, as well as pig and dairy manure. Solid manure is transported by manure truck, composted by mechanical mixing, composting, crushing and other processes to make commercial organic fertilizer, so as to improve the added value of fertilizer. 
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