How to choose fertilizer granulator machine?


No matter what we buy, we need to carefully select them to buy something that is more desirable to us. In fact, the same is true for the selection of fertilizer granulator machine, so how should we choose? Let's analyze it from several fertilizer granulators:
The first is a disc granulator, which is a commonly used organic fertilizer granulator machine. It has the characteristics of uniform granulation, less grain return and large production capacity. The disc granulator can be used for various dry powder granulation and dry powder pre-wet granulation. The effect of pre-wet granulation is good and should be used preferentially. It is the main equipment for ball-forming materials into balls. It has the advantages of uniform ball formation, easy control of water content, high ball strength, simple structure, convenient control, low power consumption and stable operation.
The second is the stirrer granulator, which is used to granulate various organic substances after fermentation, breaking through the conventional organic fertilizer manufacturing process. It is not necessary to dry and pulverize the raw materials before granulation, and the spherical granules can be processed by direct compounding. Can save a lot of energy.
Once again, it is a flat die granulator, which is improved on the basis of the original organic fertilizer special granulator, and ends the problem that the organic fertilizer is loose and difficult to be granulated. The organic fertilizer flat mold granulation mechanism is simple, the design is reasonable, the granules are easy to dry and the water content is low, and at the same time, it can be used as feed granulation to achieve the multi-purpose effect of one machine.
Then there is a roll extrusion granulator, which is produced by a dry-free normal temperature process, with one molding, one-1.5 tons/hour, and 1.5-3 tons/hour. The equipment has low investment, quick effect and good economic benefits. The complete set of equipment is compact, scientific and reasonable, and advanced in technology.
The disc granulator and stirrer granulator can produce biofertilizer production.
These four fertilizer granulators are among the best in organic fertilizer granulation equipment, and there are more and better equipment to choose from, if you want to choose the fertilizer granulator machine that suits you, It is necessary to understand them and the scale of production of their manufacturers in order to select the equipment that will satisfy you.
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