What are the characteristics of bio-organic fertilizer?


 What are the characteristics of bio-organic fertilizer?
The bio-organic fertilizer is produced by using the microbial fermentation process, and the sludge remaining after the urban sewage treatment plant treats the urban domestic sewage is used as raw material, and the sludge has been completely fermented and decomposed during the production process.
Biofertilizer production not only solves the problem of sludge disposal in urban sewage treatment plants, so that it no longer pollutes the environment, and provides high-quality organic fertilizer for green ecological agriculture.
Product advantages and features are as follows:
1. High technology content. This product utilizes microbial domestication technology, uses unique original bacteria, and scientifically and rationally combines various beneficial microorganisms into ecological flora to promote reciprocity, synergy and symbiosis in the large environment (soil) and small environment (fertilizer granules). Proliferate, constitute a subtle, complex and stable microbial system, and with its vigorous life metabolism activities, provide a variety of nutrients and a large number of physiological active substances (biotin, antibiotics, growth hormones, vitamins, amino acids) Etc.) to accommodate the demand for various nutrients throughout the growing season.
2. Improve soil fertility, high ability to fix nitrogen, dissolve phosphorus and dissolve potassium. The nitrogen-fixing microorganisms used in this product have high nitrogen-fixing capacity, and have high decomposition of a large amount of insoluble phosphorus and potassium minerals in the soil, and make them into effective phosphorus and potassium elements, and can also decompose fertilizers. Phosphorus, silicon, sulfur and other ingredients.
3. Nutritional all-round. This product contains 6-7% of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, 50% of organic matter, and 3-5% of total calcium, magnesium and sulfur. Trace elements such as iron, manganese, zinc and boron are 0.5-1%.
4. Strong fertility and long-lasting fertilizer. Continuous use of this product can increase soil organic matter content, increase soil activity, improve soil physical and chemical properties, and alleviate soil compaction. Long-lasting fertilizer effect, fertilizer effect is 2 to 3 times that of common organic fertilizer. Less harmful gases such as ammonia and methane generated during the decomposition process after application are beneficial to seed development and root growth. It is not easy to produce harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide which cause rotten roots and black roots. Provides good conditions for stable yield increase of various crops.
5. High efficiency, long-term efficiency, labor saving and time saving. High fertilizer efficiency: Bio-organic fertilizer has been completely fermented and fermented in the production process, and can be directly applied. The fertilizer effect is 3-5 times that of dry chicken manure and farmyard manure. Long-lasting fertility, general crops are applied once a season, and the use of chemical fertilizers can greatly improve the utilization rate of fertilizers, reduce the amount of pesticides used, and is simple and convenient to use.
6. Can promote early cropping. This product makes the roots of the crops developed, with thick stems and thick leaves. Drought-resistant, anti-mite, cold-resistant, lodging-resistant, and resistant to pests and diseases. There is a significant increase in production and income.
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