How to deodorize during fermentation


In the process of organic fertilizer fermentation, sometimes it will flip to provide oxygen, but it will make the odor everywhere. In fact, the main source of odor is the diffusion of molecules of organic materials such as poultry manure in the air, so the problem of deodorization in fertilizer production enterprises is very important. Using biological deodorization technology can solve the odor problem from the following aspects.
  • 1. Use biological fermentation deodorization bacteria
In the process of fermentation with the windrow turner, the deodorizing bacteria can decompose and transform the odor substances in the whole process. Using this kind of product, the odor can be eliminated in about 48 hours. Long term use of biological fermentation deodorization bacteria, the odor of organic fertilizer production enterprises significantly reduced or disappeared.
Most of the bacteria for biological fermentation deodorization are mesophilic microorganisms, a small number are mesophilic microorganisms. Once it exceeds 60 ℃, all the deodorizing microorganisms will lose their activity, and the remaining thermophilic microorganisms have almost no deodorization effect, but at this time, some active enzymes also play a role in odor substances. Therefore, using biological fermentation deodorization bacteria to ferment livestock and poultry feces, the temperature is often not too high.

How to deodorize during fermentation
  • 2. Install deodorization device in fermentation area
A plurality of air intake fans are installed on one side of the closed fermentation area to let the outside fresh air enter the workshop, while a plurality of exhaust fans are installed on the other side of the fermentation and processing workshop, each of which is connected with an exhaust pipe, and the gas discharged from the workshop is introduced into the solid or liquid biological filter through the pipe. Because the solid or liquid biofilter is filled with active biological deodorization bacteria in advance. The odor in the workshop can be controlled. For example, there is a biological fertilizer production enterprise that passes the odor of the organic fertilizer factory into the fish and shrimp ponds through the exhaust pipe, while the fish and shrimp ponds are added with useful active Deodorizing Bacteria, which not only solves the odor problem, but also provides nutrients for the fish and shrimp, which is a good thing to kill two birds with one stone.

How to deodorize during fermentation
  • 3. Sealed transportation or production away from residential areas
Organic fertilizer production enterprises are  generally regarded as polluting enterprises. Therefore, before investing in organic fertilizer machine to build factories, we must consider many ways and try to build them far away from residential areas or industrial areas. For example, an organic fertilizer production enterprise is built in the mountain forest, making full use of the large cattle farm in the mountain forest to produce organic fertilizer.
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