How to improve the permeability of soil?


Soil hardening and poor air permeability will lead to poor root development, which will lead to the phenomenon of crop premature aging and reduced yield. So how can we prevent and improve the air permeability of soil? I have summarized a part for you, which can be used as a reference.
1. Increase the application of organic fertilizer, and the organic fertilizer production greatly improves the content of organic matter in the fertilizer. Increasing the application of organic fertilizer and improving the soil are the fundamental measures to improve the permeability of soil. The soil with high content of organic matter, loose soil and good permeability is called "sponge field" by the masses, with the highest crop yield. In some areas, the content of soil organic matter is about 1%, which is lower than the limit of 2% suitable for vegetable growth. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the application of organic fertilizer to improve the soil and improve the permeability of soil.
2. Water reasonably to reduce the damage of water to the soil. Traditional watering has a strong effect on soil erosion and compaction, and the soil aggregate structure is destroyed, which is not conducive to the soil's water and fertilizer conservation. After watering, the surface layer of the soil is hardened and the permeability of the soil is reduced. It needs to be ploughed to loosen the soil, break the hardening of the surface layer of the soil and restore the permeability of the soil. Drip irrigation can be used to moisten the soil and protect the soil.
3. Hoe the land frequently. After the planting of vegetables, we should pay attention to hoe frequently, so that the permeability of soil is good, which is conducive to the growth of vegetable roots. After the planting of general vegetables, hoe once every 3-5 days. And every time after pouring the water, we should hoe in time. It should be noted that the hoe should not be too deep, the soil is easy to agglomerate, but it should not be too shallow, and the effect of too shallow is not good. Generally, the depth of hoe should be 3-5cm.
4. The biological bacterial fertilizer should be applied again to improve the microbial activity. After a long time of continuous cropping, harmful microorganisms accumulated in the soil, while beneficial microorganisms decreased. The application of biological bacterial fertilizer can make the beneficial microorganisms in the soil occupy the dominant position again. It can not only improve the physical and chemical properties and air permeability of the soil, but also improve the soil fertility and inhibit the root diseases of vegetables.
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