High quality trough type compost turning machine


The trough type compost turning machine is a turning equipment running on the track, which is used for the aeration and oxygen supply of the materials in the fermentation trough, zero emission fermentation method, and the effect of tipping is obvious. The trough type tilter is mainly used for composting and fermentation of organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, waste sludge plants, various farms, etc.
The intelligent automatic control of the process of the fermentation material turnover is used in the trough turnover and throwing machine. Under the influence of the vertical and horizontal walking mechanism, the fermentation material will have a certain turnover displacement in the tank, and the material will work continuously in the tank regularly.

High quality trough type compost turning machine
Trough turning machine is a kind of track operation, which can turn the materials in the fermentation trough back and forth. In general, it can realize the use of one machine with multiple troughs when equipped with displacement car. It can be used for aerobic fermentation with solar fermentation room, fermentation tank and transfer car. It has the advantages of high efficiency, stable operation, firmness and durability, even turning and throwing. It realizes the manual and semi-automatic control functions through the control cabinet.
It can achieve the function of one machine with many grooves and save the investment of equipment. Generally, the stacking depth shall be 1.2m, and the maximum stacking width shall be 6m. Generally, the track shall use angle iron below 2M and light rail runway above 2m.
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