How to make organic fertilizer?


How to make organic fertilizer?
1. Homemade nitrogen-based organic fertilizer
Milk, soy milk, tofu, hair, rancid fish, eggs, and fish-washed water are the best materials for making organic fertilizers based on nitrogen. In addition, if there is vegetable powder, bean cake powder is more ideal. The specific method is: add the above materials into large bottles, jars and other containers, add appropriate amount of tap water, the ratio of water to dry matter is about 5:1, then seal the container tightly, put it in a warm place to let the phase ferment, when the fertilizer water When it is black, it can be poured 20-30 times of water when it is poured.
2, homemade organic fertilizer based on phosphorus and potassium
It can be made from fish bones, eggshells, fish scales and other materials. It distributes like the front. For example, if you use large pieces of meat and bones, it is best to boil the cake in water, and then boil it with boiled bone water.
3, homemade more moderate nutrient water
The watermelon rind, the melon skin, the vegetable side skin, the fruit skin, etc. can be chopped, added to the container and sealed with water film, and then tanning under the light, and the raw materials are in the form of sludge, and the clear liquid can be applied.
4, burning grass ash
Collect the dried branches and leaves, and the grass, etc., pile them together and ignite, immediately press a layer of fine soil on the upper part, let it burn out slowly, and use the ash.
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