How to remedy the improper application of organic fertilizer?


How to remedy the improper application of organic fertilizer?
When the spring ploughing period is reached, if the amount of organic fertilizer that is not completely decomposed is large and the tillage is shallow, a large amount of manure is concentrated on the shallow surface, and the process of decomposing is accelerated under the condition of good ventilation and suitable environment, which will lead to burning roots and smoked seedlings. What should the growers do if this happens?
1. Don't apply any decomposing agent. If the organic fertilizer is not well decomposed, the rooting symptoms may appear within two or three days after the vegetable is planted. At this time, many vegetable farmers think that it is a good idea to use fermented decomposing agent for rapid fermentation, but in view of Vegetables have been planted, and the rapid fermentation of organic fertilizers in the soil using fermented decomposers is undoubtedly causing more serious damage to vegetables. Therefore, fermented decomposers should not be used in the case of root burning. Fertilizer must be fermented before use. Recommend our organic compost machine.
2, should strengthen ventilation, to avoid the spread of gas harmful organic fertilizer in the process of decomposing ammonia can not volatilize, it is easy to smoke vegetables. Therefore, when the phenomenon of smoking seedlings occurs, the number and time of air release should be increased, so that the ammonia in the shed can be discharged out of the shed in time to avoid the occurrence of gas damage. We have a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment to make organic fertilizer production very simple.
3. Adding the functional product of roots and roots to the roots with water, can not only reduce the impact of unfertilized organic fertilizer on the roots, but also functional fertilizers such as biological fertilizers can inhibit root diseases. Infection.
4, the foliage spray plant growth regulator, when the vegetables appear burning seedlings, routing can be used to root, to promote root growth. It can also be used with 6000 time of Ai Duo and Yun Da 120 foliar sprays, which can significantly enhance plant growth and resistance to disease and disease.
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