How to prevent dust in organic fertilizer production line?


Organic fertilizer production equipment in the process of processing organic fertilizer, will produce a lot of dust, if not handled properly, will cause serious dust pollution. However, the organic fertilizer production line of our factory has less dust and more environmental protection, which is mainly realized by bag filter. Today, Tianci heavy industry factory will explain how to reduce dust and environmental protection in organic fertilizer production line

The equipment in the production workshop should be completely closed at each blanking point, and the exhaust pipe should be installed. It ensures that the odor and dust in the production process are leaked out, and the dust generated at the dropping point is then pumped into the bag filter by the induced draft fan. It is basically dust-free.
How to prevent dust in organic fertilizer production line?
The inside of the bag filter is composed of several bags. The dust is filtered out by the bag, and the wind is discharged into the atmosphere through the bag. The bag filter is equipped with high-pressure blowing device in each bag. The dust on the bag is shaken off instantly by synchronous action of solenoid valve and time relay. Through the unloader at the lower end, the uniformly collected dust is discharged into the mixer, and the fertilizer is recycled.

The above is about the organic fertilizer production line environmental protection production introduction. Tianci heavy industry factory specializes in producing organic fertilizer production equipment and production line, which can meet customers' requirements for organic fertilizer processing. 
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