The quality of organic fertilizer depends on the fermentation process


The quality of organic fertilizer also depends on the fermentation process, so we should pay attention to the fermentation process. The temperature rising time of organic fertilizer production equipment during organic fertilizer fermentation refers to the early stage of composting process. The temperature rise of composting gradually rises from environmental temperature to 45 ℃. The dominant microorganisms are mainly thermophilic microorganisms, including bacteria and actinomycetes. The differentiation substrate is mainly composed of sugars and starches. The fruiting bodies that can be found by time are also differentiated by animals and protozoa.
The quality of organic fertilizer depends on the fermentation process
The high temperature time of organic fertilizer fermentation reached 45 ℃ or above. During this time, the thermophilic microorganism was suppressed or even died, and the thermophilic microorganism rose to be the dominant microorganism. In the composting of fertilizer production line, the residual and newly formed soluble organic matter continued to be oxidized and differentiated, and the disordered organic matter such as hemicellulose cellulose and protein also began to be intensively differentiated.

When the temperature rises to 70 ℃, only thermophilic bacteria and actinomycetes are active. When the temperature rises to 80 ℃, most thermophilic microorganisms are no longer used to it, and a large number of them enter into dormancy and death time The temperature of production is usually 60 ℃, because most microorganisms are the most active and easy to differentiate organic matter in this temperature range, and most pathogens and parasites can be killed.
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